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Intracoastal Christmas Regatta

Intracoastal Christmas Regatta
Parade Procedure


All boats entering the parade shall attend the captain's meeting on Friday to receive assigned numbers and line-up information. 

On Saturday, boats will meet at Tilghman’s Point at 4:30 p.m. 

Assigned numbers are to be displayed and must remain on the starboard (Right) and port (left) side near the bow for the entire length of the parade.

Monitor VHF Channel 10 as you approach Tilghman’s Point and the parade staff will direct you into the parade.

It is imperative to remain in the proper order determined by assigned number to facilitate the best judging results.

While the parade is in operation please keep to the right of the centerline of the ICW. 

Absolutely NO 360-degree TURNS on the parade route, any vessel making these turns will be disqualified.

No inappropriate behavior, remember this is a family oriented event.

Please allow ample space between you and the boat ahead of you, but don’t get so far apart that spectators get bored.  

The parade route ends at Dock Holidays Marina, and all boats are requested to follow the entire parade route. Boats MUST enter the bay area of Dock Holidays to make turn. Boats returning to their home marinas at this point should remain right of the centerline of the ICW and watch for rough wake. Please be considerate of other’s decorations and lights.



For questions regarding the Captain's Meeting, please call Dawn Fowler at 843-241-4627.

Dawn Fowler 843-241-4627